A PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign essentially involves paying for prime location advertising on a search engine. In practical terms, we at React Media focus our efforts on working with Google Adwords, which is Google's version of this. We do this because Google is the go-to search engine in the UK at this moment in time. 

PPC can be an effective alternative / complimentary strategy that can be used to increase your website's visibility. Reaching the first page of Google as an organic result, can be a timely endeavor! Bear in mind that all of competitors will want the same thing, and depending on their resources it can be a very difficult thing to achieve.

Adwords gives businesses the opportunity to purchase advertising space at the top of a Google search results page for a particular keyword. This space is paid for on a click by click basis - so every time someone clicks on your advert, you pay Google a fee. The fee that you would pay would depend upon the competitiveness of that keyword. Generally, a budget can be set aside on a monthly basis, and once that amount is reached, your advert will no longer be displayed. As such, it is possible to work effectively and efficiently, as you can be certain that you are only charged every time someone actually clicks on to your website.

Should you wish to establish an Adword campaign, we would be able to advise and support on this, as well as provide reporting on how the campaign was performing.